Life Group Questions

Discuss these questions with your life group.

Questions for February 26th:
What stuck out to you most from this week's sermon? Where did you find yourself most challenged or able to relate to what was being taught?

Pastor Haylee mentioned in her message that the themes we've seen throughout the Book of Mark so far can be found in this passage too and even build off one another. Where have you found these themes hiding in the text? What did this reveal to you? Would you have had this revelation without the knowledge of these themes?

Do you identify with or relate to the Pharisees being so consumed with making sure that they are doing all the right things, rather than investing time into making sure their hearts are right? Has there been a time or pattern in your life where you've been more consumed with how things look rather than how things are?

Questions for February 19th :

We have likely all experienced the disappointment of our expectations not aligning with our reality. Have you experienced the sting of
expectation v. reality in your walk with the Lord and on your path of discipleship? If so, how?

In Sunday’s sermon, we did not have time to cover all the stories from Mark 6. In Mark 6, we see the miracle of Jesus feeding the 5,000.
How can an experience like this offer encouragement to Jesus’s disciples amid the other stories of their more difficult experiences from Mark 6?

Can you share a time when you were experiencing disappointment, discomfort, or despair, and God revealed his glory, name, and/or character to you?

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