BridgeKids Toddlers

Walkers through Potty Trained
The BridgeKids’ toddler class is designed to engage walkers to 3 year olds in a structured class that provides opportunities for them to discover that God loves them. With Bible story times, crafts, games, and other fun filled activities, toddlers will grow in their understanding that God made them and loves them as they grow physically through this discovery year! We know that this age may be the most tricky for separation anxieties but our team is here to support and care for your child, giving you peace of mind while you are worshipping and learning in service.

Important Information for BridgeKids Toddlers

- During our 9 am service, toddlers are combined with babies in the nursery at the back of the main sanctuary. At 10:45 am service, toddlers have their own class in the Bakery located in the BridgeKids building, down the covered sidewalk from the main sanctuary.

- If your child is staying for both services, two team members will escort the toddlers from the nursery to the Bakery post-9 am service.

- There will always be two toddler team members present, at least one being an adult over 18 years old. Youth aged 11 and older do help as assistants. All team members are background checked. Parents may enter the toddler classroom for brief periods of time to drop children off, comfort a distraught child, or nurse. However, we ask that parents do not stay in the classroom for an extended period of time.

- Prior to leaving your toddler with our toddler team, please check your child in using our secure check in process in the main foyer of the church. Please retain the final print out from check in containing your alpha-numeric code. This  code matches your child's name tag and will be required at check out to ensure children only leave with the authorized individual who checked them in. The code will also appear on the screen in the main sanctuary if we need your assistance with your child.

- All toddlers' diapers will be checked and changed during service. Our toddler team will leave a sticker on the child's diaper indicating whether the diaper has been checked or changed. The nursery and Bakery are stocked with larger diaper sizes from size 4 to size 7, but if you prefer that we use a specific brand please provide these at drop off and let a team member know! If your toddler requires the use of diaper cream, please also provide this to a nursery team member at drop off. Diaper bags may be left in the foyer of the nursery or on the hooks in the Bakery. Extra name tags are printed for this age at check in so you may add a name tag to the bag.

- Toddlers will be given a snack (goldfish or pretzels) during both services. If your child has an allergy, we also have apple sauce pouches available upon request. You are also welcome to provide your own snack if allergies are a concern. Please discuss snack alternatives with the toddler team.

- All toys in the nursery and Bakery are sanitized with an all natural cleaning agent post-service.

- Once a child is potty trained (around 3 years old) they will move up to our preschool environment.

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