Meet our Key Speakers

Dan & Martine Lucero
Dan Lucero serves as the Global Associate Director for Missions International at Foursquare, overseeing operations in Africa and Francophone nations. As a dedicated missionary, his focus lies in West Africa, Central Africa, and the Francophone nations, driven by a profound passion for engaging with the international community from the outset.
Pastor Sunday Yinka Adebiyi
Pastor Sunday is the Nigerian Foursquare Foreign Missions Director, whose leadership and missionary endeavors have touched countless lives across Africa.
Apostle Marius Gneppe Kouame
Apostle Marius from Côte d'Ivoire, is a visionary leader, a National Leader of Foursquare in Côte d'Ivoire, and also the Regional Chair of the Francophone West Africa Region.
Apostle Constant Damba
Apostle Constant is from the Republic of Congo, a renowned spiritual leader known for his profound teachings and humanitarian work.

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