Check out the GrowthTrac class on Sundays at 10:45am

The Lordship of Christ

In this class, we discuss Salvation, Baptism of water & the Spirit, God's Identity, and Satan's Identity.

Deliverance & Inner Healing

In this class, we discuss deliverance, inner healing, and emotionally healthy discipleship.

Worship, Prayer, and Intercession

In this class, we discuss dreams & visions, fasting, worship, spiritual warfare, and prayer & intercession.

Holy Spirit Power & Gifts

In this class, we discuss the baptism of the Spirit, dreams & visions, signs & wonders, gifts of the Father, Son, & Spirit, and Fruits of the Spirit.

Scripture & Spiritual Disciplines

In this class, we discuss scripture reading, studying the Word, revelation of God, walking in the fullness of the Spirit, stewardship, and reproduction.

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