BridgeKids Elementary

1st through 5th Grade
During the elementary school years, children are able to enter a deeper, more personal walk with Jesus and impact their worlds. Each week, your child will engage in energetic worship and learn many Biblical truths interwoven through games and activities. Additionally, your children will be connected to a small group where they learn to pray, read their Bibles, and build friendships with other kids who share their faith. Kids are challenged to find ways to live out the Biblical truths that help them become the light of the world.

In Kid’s church, we make the most out of every minute we have with children to do as Jesus commissioned in Matthew 28:19, “Go and make disciples of all nations…”

Important Information for BridgeKids Elementary Environment

- During 9 am service, our 1st-5th graders are combined with younger children in the Toy Store located in the BridgeKids building, down the covered sidewalk from the main sanctuary. At 10:45 am service, our 1st-5th graders have their own service in the Cinema, also located in the BridgeKids building.

- If your child is staying for both services, you do not need to check them out and back in, they can remain in the BridgeKids building.

- There will always be three BridgeKids team members present in our elementary classroom, at least one being an adult over 18 years old. Youth aged 15 and older do help as assistants. All team members are background checked. Parents may enter the classroom for brief periods of time to drop children off. However, we ask that parents do not stay in the classroom for an extended period of time.

- Prior to leaving your child with our elementary team, please check your child in using our secure check in process in the main foyer of the church. Please retain the final print out from check in containing your alpha-numeric code. This  code matches your child's name tag and will be required at check out to ensure children only leave with the authorized individual who checked them in. The code will also appear on the screen in the main sanctuary if we need your assistance with your child.

- As incentive for following the rules and working on the memory verse, elementary age children are given Bible bucks to save and use in our concessions. Concessions take place on the first Sunday of every month. Prizes include candy, craft kits, and toys.

- Children are not provided a snack in our elementary classroom.

- During the spring semester, our 5th grade students can participate in a once-per-month small group after service. Check with Pastor Maggie for dates!

- Each summer, rising 3rd-5th graders are welcome to join BridgeKids at summer camp. Check with Pastor Maggie for details!

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